12 Oct 2018

This year we celebrated National Poetry Day by inviting our students to the Study Centre to recite their poems with the theme 'Poetry For A Change'.

There were all sorts of fantastic ideas which made it quite difficult for the judges, Miss Hall, Mrs Gornall and Mr McKibbin to make a decision about the winners.

Finally the prizewinners were announced and presented with their chocolate themed prizes.

Congratulations to you all!


First Prize - Ella S, Katie N, Jess M and Ruby T (Year 8) - SEASONS

Second Prize - Libby T (Year 7) - IF ONLY WE STOPPED USING PLASTIC

Third Prize - Michael R (Year 7) - LULLABY FOR PLASTIC PLASTIC


From crisp, hollow wood of the trees

To flowers blooming and leaves appearing so majestically

It's gone from fire lit day and night to dodging bees with ease

It goes from Winter to Spring so quickly


As the days get warmer, the sun's ablaze

It's time for some carefree days

The bees all buzz every chance they get

People forget they don't want to get wet

It goes from Spring to Summer so quickly


The air has filled with the scent of mouthwatering ice-cream

Whilst you are dreaming of silky sand

When suddenly everything drops quiet as the Autumn trees sway in the cool breeze

It is silent as the crisp Autumn leaves hit the dry, hard, ground

All the children are going bonkers for the small, round conkers

It goes from Summer to Autumn so quickly


The colourful days are over

It's time for some festive fun

Snow begins to fall and as for the leaves-there are none

Frosty flakes all around, no hot water to be found

Children are waiting for Santa Claus

Nativities bring great applause

It goes from Autumn to Winter so quickly

Change of season happens so quickly.



Wouldn't it be fantastic, if we stopped using plastic,

We could stop a turtle gag, on an old supermarket bag,

Beaches full of sand and shells, not bottles, bags and terrible smells.

The whales in the sea, could become friends with me.

If only we stopped using plastic.


Beware of what you throw away, most of it is here to stay,

Next time you buy orange squash, take the bottle back to wash.

Less chemicals in the sea, could make a healthier you and me.

Our world would be fantastic, if only we stopped using plastic.


LULLABY FOR PLASTIC PLASTIC (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle)

Plastic, plastic, hear me sing

Go away you horrible thing!

You can be used for healthy stuff!

Just as long as you give up.

Come on plastic, shut your eyes

Now it's time to say GOODBYE!

Study Centre