Careers at Garstang Community Academy


National Apprenticeship Week 5th-11th February 2024

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Careers Lead: Sarah Procter | | 01995 603226

Careers Adviser: Paula Askew | | 01995 603226

All students receive the following three strands of careers education and guidance:

1     The Wider curriculum aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to succeed in the world of work through range of activities related to economic well-being

2    General careers advice and specific guidance on progression routes is provided by the school’s independent Careers Adviser Paula Askew

Information, advice and guidance – the role of the careers adviser

Paula Askew is an independent careers adviser who works in Garstang Community Academy four days a week. Students in Years 10 and 11 will be automatically booked in for 1:1 appointments where they will have the opportunity to explore their career aspirations. Paula will help students to identify the courses that will support their career pathways and highlight relevant colleges, sixth forms and training.  Students can also request an interview by speaking to Miss Procter or their form teacher. All students will receive a clear action plan outlining the key points discussed and any actions to be taken.

Paula will:

  • Deliver bespoke careers advice and guidance on an individual basis
  • Provide a clear action plan
  • Advise and guide students about the opportunities available after year 11
  • Support students to complete application forms
  • Promote apprenticeship pathways and support students to search and apply for vacancies
  • Explore university pathways
  • Provide information about the Labour Market (LMI)

3   Excellent links exist with the community and local businesses. Local colleges, sixth forms, training providers and employers are regularly invited into school to offer advice and guidance on progression routes 

Our local colleges, sixth forms and training providers are regular visitors to the school and offer our students guidance on their courses and pathways.

Our employer encounters occur throughout our broad curriculum in lessons to bring topics to life. Additionally they are arranged on student demand, if students are interested in a particular career or employer we do our best to invite an appropriate representative in. Please ask Paula if there is a particular career representative you would like us to invite into school.

Year 10 Mock Interviews All year 10 students receive a mock interview with a local employer.

Year 10 College Taster Days In year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in a range of college taster activities both in school and in college. This academic year our students have visited Preston College, Cardinal Newman and Blackpool Sixth. Lancaster & Morecambe College came into school to deliver tasters in catering and animal care.

Careers Convention in November the school holds its yearly careers convention. Students in all year groups attend this event throughout the day.

Future Friday a different career is introduced and discussed every Friday during form time to provide our students with wide range of career paths to pursue. Students can request careers that they want to be included.

College/Sixth Form/ Apprenticeship Lunchtime Drop-in’s with local providers. Students can ask questions and gain personalised information, advice and guidance.

Industry Days arranged with specific year groups throughout the year based on demand and availability. Last year this included, Sustainability and Green Careers & Faraday STEM Challenge

THE GCA Careers Programme

The school has mapped out the CEIAG provision in line with the recommended Career Development Institute framework.

The careers programme is differentiated to ensure progression (although there is a clearer focus at key transitional points.) This is achieved by giving each year group a particular focus and drive.

Year 7 and 8 Focus

Enterprise/Economic Understanding delivery within the PSHE curriculum

Business Enterprise project with the NHS (Step into the NHS)

Learn to Earn enterprise event

Introduction to online careers tools – KUDOS

Careers convention (November)

Open access to a careers library/advisor

Year 8 careers lessons will include:

  • How can CEG help me?
  • What type of learner are you?
  • Personal qualities
  • Achievements
  • Interests/skills
  • Kudos
  • Target setting/action planning
  • Useful websites
  • Challenging stereotypes


Year 9 Focus

Careers Convention

Open access to careers library and adviser

How to get a part time job (what is your USP)

Pathways Assembly with a local college

Year 9 options and transition support

CV / application lunch time sessions

Year 9 careers lessons will include:

  • How to write a personal statement
  • Introduction to colleges and sixth forms
  • Introduction to apprenticeships
  • Challenging stereotypes


Year 10 Focus

Careers Convention

College Taster Days (summer term)

1:1 careers interviews with independent careers adviser

Open access to careers library

Mock Interviews

Year 10 careers lessons will include:

  • Personal statement update
  • Careers research using Labour Market Information (LMI)
  • Kudos
  • Colleges and sixth forms – where to go what to do?
  • A Levels, BTEC’s and T levels – what’s the difference?
  • Employability skills – what employers are looking for?
  • Apprenticeships
  • CV writing
  • Careers websites


Year 11 Focus

Careers Convention

Open access to careers library 

Subject specific master classes delivered by local colleges

1:1 careers interviews with independent careers adviser

Apprenticeship workshops (ASK, JTL, T2K)

College/sixth form full year assemblies and bespoke group sessions (a list of providers and dates can be found in separate document on the careers page)

Lunch time drop-ins

Employer information sessions


Year 11 careers lessons will include:

  • Updating Personal Statements
  • Update CV’s
  • How to complete an application form
  • Interview techniques
  • Action plan for destination


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