Garstang High School was officially opened as a Secondary Modern School on 21st October 1958, by John Welch – a former Chairman of Lancashire Education Committee.  The building was dedicated by the Rural Dean of Garstang, the Rev. A B Dex.

The school comprised a two-storey teaching block and equipped to take 300 students and was one of the first of its kind in the County.  The cost was £99,500.

Its first pupils, 256 of them, and 12 staff were admitted to the new school on 9th September.

The Chairman of Governors was Miss M E Healy and the staff members were:

  • Mr F Garnett (Headteacher)
  • Miss M Hunt (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Miss E Davies
  • Mr A Lee
  • Mrs M Hodgson
  • Mr L Lloyd
  • Mr T Moss
  • Mr T Johnson
  • Miss O Wilkinson
  • Miss L Kelsey
  • Miss P Wilmot
  • Mrs Tweedy (School Secretary)
  • Mr F Knight (School Caretaker)     

The school has witness much growth and expansion since 1958 and continues to do so. 

Garstang High School converted to academy status in September 2011 and assumed its new name, Garstang Community Academy.

We have enjoyed searching through our archives and have selected a few of our favourite images that illustrate the spirit and energy of the students and staff then, which continue to be reflected in the school’s values and ethos today.