20 Nov 2018

It was so difficult to decide on the winners for this years Halloween Story Competition this year. The stories were brilliant! And extremely scary!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter.

The first prize was awarded to Freya (Year 8), second prize went to Autumn Year 8) and third prize went to Max Howard (Year 8)

The prizes were presented by Miss Hall, Assistant Subject Leader (English)

Here’s the winning story…


I Didn’t Even Tell Her My Name

On Halloween, Goosnargh Oliversons had a Halloween disco. Jane Ellen had dressed as a dead girl. Her gown was white with red splats on, her gloves a deep red. Her slip-on shoes had a dark smudge and her teddy bear wore the same.

The houses around her covered in orange pumpkins leapt at her like a word in bold. The spooky village hall was as black as the devil’s soul. The murky, dark silent park leaned over her like a 3D movie.

When she got to school she was dripping with sweat. As she stumbled inside, the dark beat of music rang through her ears like a spiral. It was making her deaf as she walked into the hall, the speaker blurting out sour music. The terrific noise unsettled poor Jane. Looking for an escape route, she saw a fire exit. The bolt of lightning shot through the door and she was quickly out.

The murky mist hung over the playground, Jane felt alone and unsettled. She stepped forward and something whizzed past her. The leaves of a nearby bush started to flap. Slowly, Jane crept over to the bush and saw a wooden plank sticking out of the ground. The plank had a silver plate on it and engraved on the plate were the words, ‘Alison Smith, 2002-2009. Will always be remembered. Died at home’.

A shiver crept up Jane’s neck like a spider. A seven year old-dead! A seven year old! Four years younger than her-dead?!

SWOOSH! Suddenly, the tree behind the memorial started to fall. Colliding with the oaky grave, the tree hit the ground. Shocked, Jane hurried inside the hall. The music getting louder, Jane clasped her ears desperately.

An hour passed and, somehow, Jane survived the loud music. The final song came on, even louder than the others. Jane decided that it was time to go back outside. As she walked to the exit, out came a muddy little girl, skipping. The girl skipped towards Jane and was very friendly. ‘Hi!’ she said. ‘Hi…What are you for Halloween?’ Jane asked.

‘Oh’, she said, frowning at something behind Jane.

Jane turned and when she looked back, the girl was gone.

Surprised, Jane felt something in her pocket. It was a note.

‘Jane, your outfit reminded me of me. Join me Jane before I make you.’ Alison Smith.

I didn’t even tell her my name!

Freya, 8.5