4 Dec 2019

Number 5 in the fantastic Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman

Libby sinks to the ground, sobbing like her heart is breaking.

Our kidnappers are almost upon us. I see what the man in the tiger mask is holding now - a GUN!

Years have passed since the love between Sephy - a Cross - and Callum - a Nought - destroyed their world 

and changed their families and society forever.

Life seems very different now. Being a Nought or a Cross isn't like it used to be:

people aren't divided by race or class any more - at least on the surface...

For the first time ever, a Nought Prime Minister, Tobey Durbridge, is in power -

but he's just been framed for murder. To free himself he'll have to

turn to his oldest friend - Callie Rose.

But the divisions between their families are deep, and when two young people

close to them are kidnapped,

everything they've fought for is put in the firing line.

Because when you're playing a game as dangerous as this one,

it won't be long before someone gets caught in the crossfire...


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