5 Feb 2018

I had to find out what was going on.

It was as simple as that.

I had to know.

Travis's parents have been killed in a car crash.

It looks like an accident, but Travis has his doubts.

To distract himself from his grief, he goes to the private investigation

agency they ran and begins asking questions about their last case.

Immediately he's plunged into a mystery that seems impossible to unpick.

Why were Travis's mum and dad hired to find a boy

whose parents insist isn't missing?

Where is the kid now?

Has he run away, or is he mixed up in something sinister?

And why are the CIA, MI5 and a shadowy organisation known as

Omega interested in the case of a missing teenager?

As Travis searches for answers, the chilling realisation dawns that

maybe he was right all along.

Maybe the car crash that killed his parents

wasn't an accident after all?


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Category: Book Reviews

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