20 Nov 2017

The eagerly awaited Illustrated Edition of the third book in J K Rowling's

classic series is bursting with magical moments conjured from paint,

pencil and pixels by Kate Greenaway Award winner, Jim Kay.

"An absolute triumph."

After a magical mishap of gigantic proportions,

Harry Potter escapes from the Dursleys and Little Whinging on the Night Bus,

expecting to face serious trouble. But the Ministry of magic has bigger fish to fry-

Sirius Black, infamous prisoner and loyal follower of Lord Voldemort,

is on the runfrom Azkaban fortress.

They say he is coming after Harry, and the Minister for Magic has sent the Dementors of Azkaban

to prowl the school grounds with their terrifying, soul-sucking Kiss. 

In his third year at Hogwarts, dark rumours and death omens pursue Harry as he learns

new truths about his past and comes face to face with one of the most devoted servants of the Dark Lord...


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